Board of Trustees

The Terra State Board of Trustees is made up of various local leaders appointed by the governor of Ohio with the advice and consent of the state Senate. 

Boards of trustees make and are accountable for many of the important decisions at the college and university level, often including: selecting and appointing their college and university presidents; approving personnel appointments and contracts; setting operating budgets, student tuition and fees; granting degrees; approving rules, regulations, changes in curriculum, programs and new degrees; and providing oversight and advice.

Meet Our Board

Trustee Kay E. Reiter

Kay E. Reiter


Sandusky County Commissioner
Term ends December 30, 2024

Trustee Michael Waleryszak

Michael Waleryszak

Vice Chair

President of Crescent Manufacturing Company
Term ends December 30, 2022

John Hoty


President of Hoty Enterprises
Term ends December 30, 2020

Trustee Linda Reis

Linda Reis


Vice president and secretary/treasurer at Ballreich Bros.
Term ends December 30, 2020

Trustee Uwe Eickert

Uwe Eickert

Foundation Liaison Alternate

President of Academy Games, INC.
Term ends December 30, 2022

Tim Ellenberger

Foundation Liaison

Vice President of Motion Controls Robotics
Term ends December 30, 2022

Trustee Pamela Jensen

Pamela Jensen

Sergeant at Arms

President, Regional Acute Care – Ohio and Support Services, ProMedica
Term ends December, 30, 2022

Trustee Tim Myers

Tim Myers


General Manager of Century Die Company, LLC
Term ends December, 30, 2020

Trustee Kellie Carte Sears

Kellie Carte Sears


Sears LLC - Private Entrepreneur
Term ends December 30, 2024

Learn more about public trustees in Ohio

 Public Board of Trustee Meetings

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