Placement Assessment

At Terra State, we care about your success. We ask all new degree-seeking students to complete an assessment of their reading, writing, math and computer skills as part of the enrollment process. Placement testing is not an entrance exam, and it is not pass/fail. We use this information to gauge your current level of knowledge and skills in these areas so you can register for the classes that are best for you.

Standard Placement Test

The standard placement test used at Terra State includes reading, writing, and math. This un-timed test is adaptive, meaning the computer will adjust the difficulty of questions until it determines your level of understanding.

Exempt Students

Some incoming students may not need to take the placement test. In some cases, only partial testing in a specific subject may be necessary. Exemptions include the following:

  • Students who have valid ACT, SAT and/or Accuplacer scores from within the past three years. These scores should be submitted to the Admissions Office.
  • Students who are seeking to enroll in certificates or courses that do not require math, English, or computer placement prerequisites.
  • Students who have previous credit and/or accepted transfer credit in math, English, or computer skills.

Accommodations for Testing

Students who have disabilities or suspect they may require special accommodations when completing the placement assessment should contact Disability Services at 419.559.2200. Based on your individual circumstances, accommodations for the test may be approved. Students should make contact with this office at least three weeks prior to completing the placement assessment.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments to complete the placement assessment are offered at various times, Monday through Friday.

How can we help?

Terra State has several Admissions representatives that are here to make the process easy! We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

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