Purpose and Intent

Purpose and Intent

The Terra State Smart Start-Up Playbook constitutes a series of recommended higher education best practices, dealing with various Health, Safety, Environmental, and Public Health focused measures, designed to enhance the health and well-being of employees, students, and visitors, living and working in a COVID-19 environment.

These protocols represent our current practices regarding the operation of Terra State Community College during a highly uncertain time and are designed to be a "living" document, recognizing that applicable public health guidance regarding COVID-19 is evolving on almost a daily basis.

The various protocols set out in this document constitute recommendations, based on various guidance provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as various county specific public health authorities.

These protocols are designed to fit the needs of Terra State, having regard to unique situations involving institutions of higher learning regarding re- start and return to work situations that may arise. In applying these recommendations, our primary consideration as an organization should always be the safety of our employees, students, and visitors to our campus.

The recommendations set out in this document are standards applicable across the Terra State Community. However, where local public health and/or county/state specific regulatory requirements impose a more rigorous standard, Terra State shall defer to the local legal requirement, as applicable.

Where local situations require it, Terra State Community College should consult with the local Health, Safety and Environmental and Medical advisors, as well as legal counsel, where assistance is required with interpreting or applying these recommendations.

Legal Disclaimer

The information contained on these pages does not constitute legal advice and should not be applied arbitrarily to other colleges or universities. Terra State Community College bears no responsibility with respect to third party reliance on the recommendations set out herein. All institutions of higher learning should consult with local legal counsel, medical as well as health & safety advisors specific to their local and state jurisdictions in developing strategies applicable to their unique institutions.