Start-Up Checklist Introduction


One key component of Terra’s response plan is a start-up checklist of shared practices for guidance to help to protect employees, students, and visitors and ensure their health and well-being are cared for.

The following guidelines were developed and supported collectively by institutions of higher education to protect the safety of employees, students and visitors on the campus in relation to COVID-19. Terra State is adopting these practices voluntarily. Other local agencies may have requirements that supersede these recommendations.

The start-up checklist is sorted by category with specific guidance that address employees, students, and visitors to our campus to develop a response plan that addresses and considers requirements for each specific group. Each category provides clear guidance on the requirements for pre-screening when coming onto campus, entry into the building, PPE, cleaning and disinfecting, physical distancing practices, response to positive or suspect cases, education and training.

Communication will be critical to the response plan, so a detailed communication strategy will assist the emergency, employees, students and visitors to understand the complexity of our current environment, and how we will respond, by implementing policies and procedures to address the “New Normal”.

Below are the key sections accepted by the College. Within each section, the Health, Safety and Environmental components have compiled best practices for each department to create a Start-Up Checklist. The practices found in the corresponding sections will offer guidance to ensure employees, students and visitors are aware and equipped with practices to maintain a safe environment for all.