What is Law Enforcement?

The field of Law Enforcement is made of up individuals and agencies responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining public order and public safety. Law enforcement includes the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime, and the apprehension and detention of individuals suspected of law violation. If you enjoy these activities, this could be the career for you.

Students in this program learn the technical skills needed to enter or advance in a wide variety of positions. Completion of a two-year degree can lead to a bachelor degree from a four-year institution that would allow the pursuit of a criminal justice position at the local, state or federal level. At Terra State, our Law Enforcement students have good communication and people skills along with good physical fitness. Does this describe you?

Career Opportunities

Graduates of a Law Enforcement program can find careers in a variety of areas such as a police officer, deputy sheriff, probation officer, corrections officer, communications officer, security officer and parole officer. Learn more about some of these below or check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What degree or certificate can I earn?

What are my transfer options?

Terra State has several articulation agreements with other higher education institutions for easy credit transfer.

What style of classes are offered in the Law Enforcement program?

Law Enforcement classes normally take place during the day with seated and online options. Basic Law Academy class is an on-campus, evening class.

Meet our Law Enforcement faculty

Our Law Enforcement faculty are happy to answer any questions you have about the program.

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