What is Construction Technology?

The program prepares students to apply basic engineering principles, technical skills, and standard construction practices in support of engineers, construction contractors and other professionals engaged in the construction of buildings, utilities, and related structures. Includes instruction in basic construction principles and techniques, building site inspection, safety, site supervision, construction personnel supervision, plan and specification interpretation, supply logistics and procurement, applicable building codes and permits, and report preparation.

If you are good with your hands, detail-oriented, and an excellent leader, then construction technology might be for you. Students in this field develop technical skills as well as customer service skills required to be successful in the construction business. Graduates become a vital part of the construction team and work on all kinds of projects, from public utilities to private commercial and residential projects. Does this describe you?

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Construction Technology program are work-ready for a variety of trades in the construction industry, and companies across the state contact our instructors looking for high quality candidates to work for them. Graduates can find a career at both small and large contracting companies, supply centers, or even owning their own construction businesses. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What degree or certificate can I earn?

What style of classes are offered in the Construction Technology?

The majority of Construction Technology classes are on campus because of the hands-on nature of the program and are offered in both the day and evening.

Meet our Construction Technology faculty

Our Construction Technology faculty are happy to answer questions you have about the program.

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