Why live on campus?

Residents at The Landings

Your home away from home

Living on campus gives you more than a place to stay - it is your home away from home. You can take your first step to independence with the comfort and security living on campus provides.

  • Quiet places to work and study
  • Friends and peers next door
  • Convenient location - walk to class
  • All-inclusive rent
  • Resident events and specialized programming
  • An environment that supports student success
  • Fun, vibrant living spaces

A better college experience

National trends* show that students who choose to live on campus:

  • are more satisfied with their living environments and on campus experience
  • are more likely to remain enrolled and graduate
  • are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures
  • meet more diverse people
  • develop strong interpersonal skills (gain self confidence, public speaking skills, self esteem and self reliance)
  • have more contact with faculty and other students
  • complete more credit hours and have higher grade point averages (GPAs)

*While Terra State does not have data specific to our college yet, it will be cited once collected.




Get Ready to Live On Campus 

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