Fitness at Terra State

At Terra State Community College, we want our students to be at their best both mentally and physically! We offer classes and activities that allow you to flex your muscles and/or exercise your brains.

Get out on the court and play a friendly game of basketball or hang out in the lobby and shoot some pool. It's important to take care of your body and your mind. 

Fitness Loft

The SAC offers a wide variety of cardio and strength equipment in our fitness loft. If you are new the these machines, please let us know and we can show you how to use them properly.

Please note that we do have a few rules for the fitness loft:

  1. Please do not drop or bang the weights
  2. If you choose to listen to music, wear headphones
  3. Wipe down machines after use - there are spray bottles and towels available in the loft
  4. Be courteous to others using the loft

A current student or employee ID is required to gain access into the Fitness Loft.

Fitness Classes

We also offer an assortment of fitness classes throughout the fall and spring semester as part of Lifelong Learning. These classes are taught by excellent instructors who know how to get you motivated. For a current list of classes and information on how to register, visit our Community Education page.

All current students and employees are eligible for a 50% discount on Lifelong Learning fitness classes.

Did you know, Terra State also offers fitness classes for credit! These vary each semester but are designed to help you learn more about your body and health while working out. Talk with your advisor if you are interested - you can register for these classes in Banner Self-Service.